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Our Annual Summit is Underway!

This year, our summit is focusing on fragility in the wake of a global pandemic. We will explore how civic leaders can build resilience in their communities amid crises like COVID-19 and public health, severe weather events, economic distress, and racial injustice. Check out our schedule of virtual events below and register now.

Activating Civic Innovators

'We want to work ourselves out of a job' is a phase that is commonly heard in the civic innovation space. Innovation is not static; it's dynamic. That makes it all the more difficult to cultivate tomorrow's leaders. In this panel, we hear from leaders...

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Building a Civic/Municipal Privacy Resource Library (By Invitation)

Collaboration helps seed resilience. One way to collaborate better is by sharing resources so that we’re aligning, growing, and evolving our work, rather than reinventing it. During this closed working session, we will identify and share policies, practices, and materials that would make sense to...

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Data & The Future of Privacy Forum

Civic technology and data privacy are interrelated, and even before COVID-19 hit, issues of trust, tech, data, and privacy were already topics of conversation. COVID-19 has caused us to rely more heavily on our use of the public realm, with municipalities widening pedestrian and bike...

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Climate Roundtable w/ City of Glasgow in Advance of COP26 (By Invitation)

Wildfire, floods, extreme heat -- the effects of climate change are disrupting our lives amid a pandemic and we must take aggressively action. In November 2021, the City of Glasgow will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). This session will activate MetroLab members...

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MetroLab Member Town Hall and Commitments Connection (By Invitation)

This session will convene MetroLab members to discuss current activities, goals, and opportunities. It will provide a forum to share progress on our commitments and achievements model we are undertaking this fall. Governor Martin O'Malley will be joining to share lessons on how to turn...

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The Civic Resiliency Research Agenda (By Invitation)

With the intent of laying the groundwork for a national Civic Research Agenda, we offer this closed listening and learning space for our members and for our partners. Members and partners will have a chance to meet and network, followed by an opportunity for members...

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