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Data Science and Human Services Lab

MetroLab Network, in partnership with National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) and Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy (AISP), has released a new report, “Technology for Civic Data Integration” that provides brief, practical guidance to describe key considerations in building and sustaining IDS and the various technology approaches for overcoming challenges in data integration. This report is primarily intended for government agencies and their partners who are working on using integrated data to improve services, drawing from NNIP and AISP’s long-standing leadership in those fields, and developed as part of MetroLab’s Data Science and Human Services Lab. This report was made possible thanks to the support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

MetroLab Network released “First, Do No Harm: Ethical Guidelines for Applying Predictive Tools Within Human Services” report that provides brief, practical guidance to local governments on how to mitigate the risks that come with applying data science techniques to human services. It is structured around four principles — engagement, model validation, review and transparency — each with specific cautions and recommendations, as well as suggestions about how to approach foundational issues like data stewardship and crisis communications. The report’s authors expect to see many more of these predictive models built and sold into the human services in the coming years. Whether they reduce or amplify the structural biases in the sector may depend on how vigilantly local governments and child advocates adopt and improve upon ethical guidelines like these. This report was made possible thanks to the support of the Annie E. Casey Foundation.


Use this Document to help start a relationship between your local government and your academic institution. Start asking questions like, “what is our meeting cadence?” and, “who is the lead for identifying new research opportunities?”.

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