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Across the network, cities and universities are making strides to develop new tools and technologies to improve our urban centers. The MetroLab blog highlights these stories and accomplishments. It features articles written by advisory board members, MetroLab staff, and network members. Our blog is also published on Medium, so be sure to follow us there to stay up to date on our postings!

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August 21, 2023


This is part one of a MetroLab series featuring the current state of civic research produced by universities, and how it aligns with the research needs and knowledge gaps of local governments.


MetroLab’s north star is to change forever the relationship between local government and university institutions to address our greatest problems with catalytic impact and innovation. And to do this, MetroLab is ramping up efforts to better understand a few things, starting with the current dynamics of this relationship: 1) what is working well; 2) what needs to change; and 3) what myths do we need to bust.  …