Gen-AI for Local Governments

MetroLab’s next In the Lab Initiative will focus on Gen-AI for Local Governments. This task force will consider policy with a two-pronged approach: 1) What is the world of the possible and how can Gen-AI better city services; and 2) What processes and policies should be put into place to ensure a just, equitable, and accurate use of this technology.

Our call for interest is now closed. Updates on this effort will be published here and in our newsletter (you can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this webpage).

Gen-AI for Local Governments Task Force​

The MetroLab GenAI for Local Governments Task Force is composed of individuals from cities, counties, non-profits, universities, and metropolitan planning organizations from around the country. Task force members will help provide feedback and resources that will contribute to the policy guide and resources library. 


The organizations listed below are just some of the task force members that are involved in the project.

Resource Library

Published Local Government Guidelines

Federal and State Regulation Development

Planning Guidance

Public Policy Perspectives

Industry Perspectives