2022 - 2023 MetroLab Members

MetroLab is an international peer network of academics and policymakers focused on civic research & innovation. Our members are universities and local governments, partnered to advance research-informed, evidence-based policy and enable data and technology transformation.





Aurora, IL
Boston University
Carnegie Mellon University

Cary, NC
Case Western Reserve University
Cornell Tech
Eastern Tennessee State University
Georgia Tech
Guilford County
Illinois State University

Kirkland, WA
Lawrence, KS
Lincoln, NE
Miami-Dade County
Portland State University
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA
Tampa, FL
University of Chicago
University of Missouri, Kansas City
University of North Carolina, Greensboro
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania
University of Washington


Glasgow City Council

Hennepin County
Independence, MO
Marquette University
Middle Tennessee State University
Parkville, MO
Pittsburgh, PA
Texas Research Alliance
Wichita State University

2022 Programming

Monthly First Friday Roundtables

MetroLab leadership will meet with you 1×1, twice a year. This will help us better support you and amplify your accomplishments.

Student Programming

MetroLab is growing our programming to serve member students directly. This includes a student prize competition, awarding a cash prize to students who are working on projects to better their local community, as well as highlighting and matchmaking opportunities for internships and fellowships.

Policy Taskforce

We are creating a policy task force on key focus areas. The goal is to publish best practices and policy models, reviewed by local government and academia at a national level. MetroLab will staff this effort, hosting quarterly meetings.


MetroLab is available to match and connect local government and universities/colleges across the country to collaborate on research needs with specific expertise.

Member Dial-Ins

MetroLab leadership will meet with you 1×1, twice a year. This will help us better support you and amplify your accomplishments..

Innovation of the Month

We will continue amplifying your work with our media partnerships and relationships to partners across the country.