US City/County/University

We have a current local gov't/university partnership but we aren’t members of the network.

If you have already formalized the relationship between your local gov’t and university by signing a Memorandum of Understanding and beginning work on three research, development, and deployment projects, you are eligible to complete a membership application.  Please see below for the application. A copy of the signed MOU should be submitted alongside the application.



I am interested in developing a formal partnership with my city, county or university.

If you have not yet begun to work with your regional cities, counties, or universities, take a look at our guide to successful local gov’t/university partnerships. You’ll see it suggests a Memorandum of Understanding between partners. This should be signed by the Mayor or County Executive and University President or Provost.



I have an existing partnership with the network and would like to add a member.

Existing MetroLab Network members may bring on additional university partners by completing the membership application defining three additional research, development, and deployment projects as well as submitting a signed Memorandum of Understanding with the local gov’t and university.



Non-US City/County/University

Non-US-based partnerships

Starting in January 2019, MetroLab Network will be accepting applications from non-US based partnerships to join the Network. At this juncture, we will be accepting applications from local gov’t/university partnerships based in North America and the United Kingdom.


Requirements to apply for membership will be the same as it is for US-based partnerships. If you have any questions about our expansion plans, please contact us at:




Annual Summit Opportunities

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Boulder, CO for #MetroLab2019!


To learn more about our Annual Summit and ways your organization can participate, please email us at

Corporate Partnership Program

MetroLab’s recently launched corporate partnership program offers partners from industry an opportunity to engage with cities, counties, and universities on civic innovation. The partnership aims to bring technology, data, and analytics, to local government by investing in R&D and professional development across MetroLab’s city, county, and university partners.


For more information about the program, please email us at:


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