This year, we are starting something new.

Join us as we launch our annual commitment model – a way to track key projects, support objectives of our members, and build a shared vision for civic-university collaboration.

What have you achieved?

We’re highlighting your successes to lift them up and connect like-minded members

What are your commitments-to-action?

We’re recording commitments to promote collaboration and align action with objectives

What Achievements Should I Highlight?

Achievements that generate measurable impact on your local community


Actions that strengthen and institutionalize the partnership between civic entities (cities, counties, community organizations) and universities


Projects addressing COVID-19, racial injustice, or our economic and fiscal crises

What Makes a Commitment Succeed?

Buy-in from institutional leadership


Alignment to civic research and innovation priorities with partners from university, government, and community organizations


Resources, funding, and personnel allocated to the commitment’s success 


1+ champion who will shepherd this commitment in the coming year

What's the Value?

  1. Activate local support and organizational buy-in for your promising civic research projects and partnerships
  2. Increase national awareness of your leadership as civic innovators
  3. Enable MetroLab to support your efforts, by connecting you to new partners and organizations
  4. Create an anthology of projects in the civic research domain, moving toward a shared research agenda
  5. Demonstrate the impact of civic-university collaboration and the need for ongoing funding and support from federal, state, and local agencies, national philanthropy, community foundations, and more.

First, Schedule your Summit 1-on-1 between your MetroLab POCs and MetroLab staff.
From there, you'll send us your Achievements and Commitments, once developed.