Data Governance Task Force

The MetroLab Data Governance Task Force is composed of individuals from cities, counties, non-profits, universities, and metropolitan planning organizations from around the country. Task force members helped provide feedback and resources that contributed to the policy guide and resources library. MetroLab is extremely grateful for the time and contribution of the individuals listed below.

Please note: this list demonstrates the collaborative and comprehensive nature of this effort. It does not, in any way, indicate that these individuals or their organizations condone the policy guide and should not be taken as “sponsorship,” legal advice, or approval of its contents.

Aaron Deacon
Managing Director,
KC Digital Drive
Abigail Eccher
Chief Information Officer,
City of Lincoln and Lancaster County, NE
Albert Gehami
Digital Privacy Officer,
City of San Jose, CA
Alejandro Jimemez Jaramillo
Data Goverance Fellow,
City of Boston, MA
Alexandria Voigt
Mayor's Deputy Chief of Staff,
City of Aurora, IL
Amie Stepanovich
Vice President of U.S. Policy Future of Privacy Forum
Andrew Hayhurst
City of Pittsburgh, PA
Bill Howe
Assoc. Professor, Univ. Washington, Information School
Charles Edamala
Chief Information Officer & Assoc. V.P. Illinois State University
Chris Belasco
Manager-Data Services,
City of Pittsburgh, PA
Chris McMasters
Chief Information Officer,
City of Corona, CA
Christine Kendrick
Smart City PDX Data Services Manager,
City of Portland, OR
Denise Linn Riedl
Chief Innovation Officer,
City of South Bend, IN
Emmaline Rial
ACPP Project Mgr-Center for Analytical Approaches to Social Innov.,
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Eric Jackson
Manager-Data & Performance,
City of Asheville, NC
Eric Roche
Budget Officer,
City of Pearland, TX
Ginger Armbruster
Chief Privacy Officer,
City of Seattle, WA
Greg Huss
Community Planner,
McClain Cty. IL Region Planning
Hector Dominguez Aguirre
Open Data, Privacy &Surveillance Technologies Coordinator,
City of Portland, OR
Jaime Lees
Chief Data Officer,
Dept. of Technology Services, Arlington, Virginia
Jamie Gorosh
Policy Counsel,
Future of Privacy Forum
Jenna Throw
Assistant City Attorney City of South Bend, IN
Jerry Buckman
Project Manager, General Services-Information Technology City of Kansas City, MO
Jessica Nadelman
City Attorney Bellevue, WA
Jigyasa Sharma
Program Manager,
US Ignite
Josh Schact
Director of Strategy & Technology, MetroLab Network
Kate Bender
Porchlight Insights (formerly with KCMO)
Kate Garman Burns
Executive Director,
MetroLab Network
Kelsey Finch
Senior Privacy Officer,
Aleada Consulting (formerly FPF)
Kevin Martin
Manager, Smart Cities, PDX ,
City of Portland, OR
Leila Doty
Equity through Data and Privacy Fellow,
City of San Jose, CA
Lillian Russell
Chief Privacy Officer,
County of Los Angeles, CA
Madi Rogers
Director of Civic Innovation,
City of South Bend, IN
Mahria Lebow
City of Portland, OR
Melissa Kozakiewicz
Asst. City Manager & Chief Innovation Officer,
City of Kansas City, MO
Michael Arthur
Chief Data Officer - Information Technology Guilford County, NC
Michael Pegues
Chief Information Officer,
City of Aurora, IL
Michael Schnuerle
Director of Open Source Operations,
Open Mobility Foundation
Miles Light
Policy Counsel,
Future of Privacy Forum
Mjumbe Poe
Lecturer--Master/Urban Spatial Analytics,
Univ. of Pennsylvania
Nicholas Weber
Asst. Professor,
Univ. of Washington, Information School
Paul Sorenson
St. Louis Regional Data Alliance
Raymond Lai
Executive Director,
McClain Cty. IL Region Planning
Ryan Copus
Assoc. Professor,
UMKC School of Law
Sarah Carrier
City of Seattle, WA
Sean McCoy
IT Data Manager,
Oklahoma City, OK
Spencer Lerch
Data Specialist, Dept. of Innov. & Tech., Town of Normal, IL
Stefanie Costa Leabo
Chief Data Officer,
City of Boston, MA
Stephen Larrick
Digital Services Manager,
Greater Boston Metrop. Planning Council
Supratim Pait
Summer Intern 2023,
MetroLab Network
Tony Luppino
Professor & Director Entrepreneurship,
UMKC School of Law
Vasu Gadhiraju
Director, Dept. of Innov. & Tech. Town of Normal, IL
Victoria Ponce
Summer Intern 2023,
MetroLab Network
Xiaoning Jiang
Resilience & Technology Officer,
City of Kirkland, WA

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