MetroLab Welcomes George Mason University and Fairfax County

We’re pleased to announce the latest members to join the MetroLab fold: George Mason University and Fairfax County. With the addition of this new partnership, MetroLab now includes 44 cities, 6 counties and 60 universities.

Fairfax County and George Mason University are joining the network with a focus on building capacity in data analytics and visualization efforts. More specifically, Fairfax County Health and Human Services (HHS) employees will be trained on the latest trends and solutions in the applied data science directly applicable to their business requirements and to improve service delivery.

This would include developing algorithms to understand correlations as they relate to risk and protective factors and resident outcomes. Additionally, the partners will assess the impact of environmental and economic changes on residents and communities to complete the 2019 Health and Humans Services Needs Assessment. This work will prioritize needs and the relevant solutions to help facilitate equitable outcomes across Fairfax County. Finally, a project on measuring the impact of HHS strategies; results will be communicated to facilitates decision making and provides input based actionable insights using advanced data journalism techniques.

Check out their projects in our project library.

Welcome GMU and Fairfax!