MetroLab welcomes 1st Canadian members

MetroLab officially heads across the border to welcome our first Canadian members: the University of Alberta and the City of Edmonton.

View of the University of Alberta

We look forward to working with our new Canadian members to add a new North American voice to our work in civic innovation. Below is a bit about this new membership and the activities that they are up to.

University of Alberta and the City of Edmonton (Canada)

The City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta are excited to be the first Canadian members of the MetroLab Network. 

The City and university will collaborate on three projects focused on technical and analytical approaches to solving city challenges.

One project involves working towards a connected city for the benefit of all Edmontonians. It will digitize building information that could transform the way professionals design, construct and operate city facilities and the way occupants interact with them. The City of Edmonton will make this data available on their Open Data portal, increasing transparency and enabling research into associated analytics to support future advances.

View of the City of Edmonton

A second project includes the development of a conversational Automated Nursing Agent (Project ANA) for tablets and other devices. It will increase connectivity, well-being and safety for independent elderly residents. 

The third project, ACTIVE, will focus on advanced transportation technologies, including wireless vehicle communications, to enhance and improve the safety, fluidity and movement of people and goods.

The City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta have a long and accomplished history of working together – and their large post-secondary sector as a whole is a valuable asset for their region, province and country. Joining the MetroLab Network will allow them to share that value with communities around the world.