Civic Resilience Research Agenda

We believe that Civic Resilience Research Agendas (CRRAs) are a tool that highlights and communicates local priorities, thereby enabling more successful civic innovation partnerships between local governments and local experts. The Civic Resilience Research Agenda (CRRA) project:

  1. Supports local government public servants and community leaders in articulating their on-the-ground needs as actionable questions and

  2. Provides pathways for experts of all kinds to identify local priorities, align their work with these priorities, and offer their skills and knowledge to contribute toward answering these questions.

The output of our work is twofold:

A Product

  • A symbol of the creator’s intentionality, care, and labor
  • A demonstration of the amount of work/projects yet to be realized 
  • An artifact that shares specific questions, goals, and values at present
  • A focal point for initial conversation

A Process

  • A method used to identify and articulate needs and assets
  • An analytic process that surfaces key themes and values
  • A set of guidelines to help identify a communication medium that will reach the intended audience

Our Timeline

2020-2021: Building a Framework

2021-2022: Engagement

2022-2023: Maintenance, Evaluation, & Iteration

2020-2021 Activities

Building a Brain Trust Advisory

Brain Trust Members:

  • Represent their organization during the CRRA Brain Trust’s inaugural year;
  • Actively participate in monthly CRRA Brain Trust meetings;
  • Actively co-create the CRRA Brain Trust space that recognizes and appropriately values experts of all kinds as needed to produce cities, towns, and counties that equitably serve all people;
  • Contribute toward the design and development of a common CRRA mission, vision, and infrastructure that local governments, community organizations, and researchers can all understand and are motivated to partake in; and
  • Actively share resources and insights.

Check out the current Brain Trust Partners below. If your organization wants to join, reach out to

Resource Mapping and Resource Development

Drawing Insights from Continuous Development

Brain Trust Members

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