AWS City on a Cloud Innovation Challenge!

CityOnACloud_1024x300px[1]MetroLab Network is excited to be partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the 2017 Annual Summit. Amazon’s commitment to civic technology aligns with our mission to cultivate partnerships that drive innovation and help solve challenges facing urban areas. The AWS cloud allows civic-minded organizations to lower research costs, scale effective solutions, accelerate best practices, and advance the understanding of urban science.

In March, AWS launched their 4th annual City on a Cloud innovation Challenge. The competition allows AWS to highlight local and regional governments, and public and private schools and districts as hubs of innovation. Winners are given up to $50,000 in AWS credits to support their cloud initiatives and encourage innovation and research.  The 2017 City on a Cloud innovation challenge will remain open for entries until Friday, May 12– so there is still time to apply! 

Amazon Web Services supports state and local agencies’ commitment to their citizens. Through Graphical Information System (GIS) applications, access to open data, mobile applications, and more, citizens are connecting more with their government than ever before. 

Here are some examples of how cities are leveraging the AWS cloud to solve for challenges facing their communities:

  • 311 mobile applications allow citizens better access to vital information and open lines of communication.
  • Open Data initiatives are allowing researchers to connect disparate data sets, drawing new insights with pre-existing data.
  • Justice and Public Safety strategies like wearable cameras and real-time information sharing are keeping first responders as informed as possible.


We know a number of our MetroLab cities are already working with AWS and are thinking of applying to the 2017 City on a Cloud Challenge. To learn more and apply, visit

Special thanks to AWS for their partnership with MetroLab Network.