JUNE 3, 2022

The MetroLab Project Showcase amplifies the work of students and early career researchers who are building projects and partnerships to meet pressing needs in their communities.

It presents an opportunity for students and early career researchers to showcase their community-focused projects in an interactive, knowledge-centered environment

Present their projects to an audience of veteran civic researchers, academics, public policy professionals, government officials, and city staff


Cynthia Medina

University of Illinois, IL

Cynthia Medina_Headshot

Accelerating University-Community Partnerships for Climate Justice

Urban Growers Collective and the University of Illinois, Chicago are partnering to integrate and advance climate justice using urban farming methods.

Ishita Trivedi

University of Florida, FL


User Interactive Vision-Based Bridge Inspection System

The vision of the project is to overcome the substantial limitations of manual visual inspection by designing a semi-automated system improving value for money in maintenance of the aging bridge stock.

Fengze Yang

University of Washington, WA


Real-time Road Surface Conditions and Visibility Monitoring System for Traffic Safety

This project is to provide accurate, real-time traffic environment data that includes road surface and visibility detection based on a surveillance camera system.

Mason Rodriguez-Rand

University of Chicago, IL


Alpha Nur Mobile Nuclear Reactors Project

Alpha Nur seeks to serve government entities in remote and off-grid locations in need of reliable energy sources by leasing small, mobile nuclear reactors on a months to years timescale.