What Brings You #CivicJoy?

What inspires you to do your civic work?

What keeps you going?

What do you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch in the world that brings you delight?

We invited you to Tweet out the #CivicJoy you experienced over the duration of our Summit. You all shared links, photos, videos, and audio, and we loved every one of them. Check out the #CivicJoy hashtag to see all the tweets!

Share Your #CivicJoy

Being challenged, having hard conversations, and making bold and future-forward decisions might be described as intense, tough, or rewarding, but ‘easy’ certainly is not a word we would use. As we work collaboratively to build better partnerships, strengthen our skills, and expand our network of civic research, civic data, civic technology, and civic design experts, we need to remember to balance our work with care. Care for ourselves, care for our collaborators, and care for the people who we directly and indirectly impact is incredibly important to ensuring that not only is our work sustainable–but that we are, too. After all, we can’t do good work if we burn out before the work gets done. Check out our media packet for info on how to share this with joyful folks in your network.

We randomly selected one Tweet from all of the hashtags, and @kheshel was the winner! They received a joyful prize curated by the MetroLab staff. But just because the competition is over doesn’t mean you need to stop tweeting! Show us what brings you inspiration, peace, and delight, and join us in celebrating our collective #CivicJoy.

Check Out Some Joyful Video Tours From Our Members!

City of Boston – Michael Evans

Dr. Osmar Zaiane – University of Alberta

Part of the 2020 Virtual Summit

The #CivicJoy project is one part of our annual summit, which focuses on Fragility in the Wake of a Global Pandemic.

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