2018 Summit Agenda

  • Sunday, October 14 - Hotel Indigo Rooftop

      •   7:00 PM – Welcome Reception at the Hotel Indigo Rooftop

  • Monday, October 15 - NJIT Wellness & Events Center

    •   8:30 AM – Registration, Light Breakfast
    •   9:15 AM – Welcome Remarks
    •   9:45 AM – Civic Leadership, Technology and Urban Innovation
      – Mayor Ras Baraka, City of Newark
      – Mayor Andy Berke, City of Chattanooga
      – Mayor Bill Peduto, City of Pittsburgh
      – Moderated by: Governor Martin O’Malley, 61st Governor of Maryland and 47th Mayor of Baltimore
    • 10:30 AM – Break
    • 10:45 AM – Panel Discussion: Technology for Civic Data Integration
      This panel will introduce a new paper published by MetroLab, Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy, and National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership focused on how governments are building integrated data systems from a technology perspective.
    • 11:30 AM – Panel Discussion: Using Data to Understand People & Place
      This panel will explore how data, mapping, visualization, and prediction are helping cities understand their residents, neighborhoods, and communities.
    • 12: 15 PM – Morning Wrap-Up
    • 12:20 PM – Lunch
    •  1:15 PM – Breakout Sessions
      – How Data Use Varies Across Sectors
      – Commercializing Research to Solve Urban Challenges at Scale
      – Mapping for Air Quality Impact
    •   2:15 PM – Break
    •   2:45 PM – R&D Showcase Breakout Sessions
      – Civic Data
      – Housing & Health
      – Mobility & Urban Space Systems
      – Civic Research Networks
    •   3:45 PM – Transition to Plenary
    •   3:50 PM – Welcome from MetroLab Board
    •   4:00 PM – Panel Discussion: Are Smart Cities Utopian or Dystopian?
      This panel will explore smart cities from an ethical, philosophical, and design perspectives. It will address issues associated with data privacy, including who owns data generated by smart cities deployments and how are they monetized. It will explore the ethics of new predictive tools. It will explore the balance of spontaneity and planning, and test the notion that cities ought to be systematized at all.
    •  4:45 PM – Smart Tech Newark: The Rise of an Innovative Urban Tech Hub
      The city of Newark is making a broad range of investments to accelerate its growth as a tech-hub destination. From real estate to fiber infrastructure, Newark, its anchor institutions and leading corporate partners are aligning the city’s assets to attract a community of entrepreneurs focused on the challenges common to urban life.
    •   5:30 PM – Closing Remarks
    •   5:35 PM – Program Concludes
    •   6:00 PM –  Newark Walking Tour: Past and Present- including demo of Newark’s new Smart Cities Deployments (Optional)
      Will depart from the Hotel Indigo Lobby and proceed to the reception at the Newark Museum
    •   6:30 PM – Reception at Newark Museum
    •   9:00 PM – Reception Concludes

  • Tuesday, October 16 - NJIT Wellness & Events Center

    •   8:30 AM – Registration, Light Breakfast
    •   9:00 AM – Welcome
    •   9:15 AM – MetroLab Network Updates and the Year Ahead
    •   9:45 AM – Panel Discussion: Making Civic Research a University Priority
      Universities are increasingly harnessing their intellectual assets – their faculty, researchers, and students – to drive civic innovation. This panel will explore how a number of universities have created an academic culture that encourages and incentivizes engagement with civic partners, including cities, industry, and non-profits. It will address how universities have created programs and institutes that house city-university collaboration. It will review the successes that have been seen and the challenges that remain.
    • 10:45 AM – Break
    •  11:15 AM – Panel Discussion: Land Use in the Age of Smart Cities and Smart Mobility
      This panel will explore how technology and data affects cities at a macro- and micro-level. It will explore how data, mapping, visualization, and prediction are presenting opportunities for city planners; it will also explore how new technologies affect cities at the street level — including the on-demand economy, dockless bikes, and increased freight.
    • 12:00 PM – Morning Wrap Up & Lunch
    •   12:45 PM – Breakout Sessions
      – Ethics & Algorithms Toolkit Workshop
      – Programs that Strengthen City/University Partnerships
      – Future of Privacy Forum Workshop
    •  1:45 PM – Break
    •  2:00 PM – Breakout Sessions
      – Community Resource Referral Technology
      – Incentivizing Engagement by Faculty and Students
      – Urban Tech & the Future of Work
    •  3:00 PM – Break
    •  3:15 PM – R&D Showcase Breakout Sessions
      – Mobility & Transportation
      – Civic Tech
      – Resilience & Sustainability
    • 4:00 PM – Break
    • 4:15 PM – Keynote- Beth Noveck, Chief Innovation Officer, State of New Jersey
    •  4:45 PM – Planning for Urban Technology Transformation
      The final panel of the MetroLab Summit will focus on how are cities transforming and who is transforming them. This panel will explore the opportunities and challenges associated with driving tech change in government and communities at the city-scale. It will explore how cities are approaching a range of issues: advanced connectivity, driverless vehicles, technology inequality, urban sustainability, and more. It will create a vision for the future, shared through the stories of those shaping the present.
    • 5:30 PM – Closing Remarks and Summit Concludes

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